Safety is #1 in Camp Achdus! Your children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being are topmost on our agenda.


Our superb staff is made up of carefully screened and selected young adults, with all clearances as required by law. We use low staff-to-camper ratios that far exceed state requirements. Campers are required to be with their bunk at all times, and we have double coverage of every bunk. We require all head staff to be trained and certified in First Aid and CPR, and all staff members are thoroughly trained as necessary for their specialty.

Safety Practices

Our health, safety and emergency management protocols are reviewed with staff periodically, before and throughout the summer. All safety precautions are strictly adhered to by campers and staff members alike. Life jackets, helmets, harnesses, and any other necessary safety gear are mandatory for activities that require them. Head counts are done before, during, and after every trip, and radios are employed by staff members on trips to ensure immediate communication. Camp maintains a first aid area that is kept well-stocked at all times.


Communication with parents is essential. Our policy is to contact parents when all medical situations arise that are not of a very minor nature. Incident reports are kept on file for all such events.

Camp Achdus is licensed and approved by the PA Department of Health.