Our Philosophy

The Camp Achdus Philosophy is that the chinuch (formative Jewish education) of our children requires year-round involvement, and that the summer period is not only critical to maintaining the child’s achievements, but specifically endowed with channels to amplify and to reinforce them through the unique experience that summer camp affords.

Our Mission

The Camp Achdus mission is to inspire Jewish children of diverse backgrounds to discover the beauty of living a committed Jewish life by using our unique strategy.

Our Strategy

We hire counselors with whom campers can relate, who are excited, devoted, and passionate about their heritage, and who will build lasting relationships with their campers. We create a non-pressured and incentive-driven learning experience to allow campers to enjoy and find fulfillment in their studies without tests and grades. We provide venues for campers to develop a sense of self confidence through accessing their creative talents, such as music, arts, and drama.

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Become a partner

Over 85% of camp families request financial assistance beyond the help they receive from Jewish Federation. Sponsor a session of camp for a child and make his hopes and aspirations a reality!